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Since their initial appearance in the United States in the 1920s, neon signs have given business owners everywhere a bright, unique way to advertise their brand, goods and services. These lights run on a unique system that uses luminous gas discharge tubes rather than lightbulbs to create an interesting lighting effect that tends to be more vibrant than more traditional options. These tubes can be bent into any custom shape, allowing for interesting, unique designs that fit a wide variety of advertising needs perfectly. While famous neon signs that have been around since the 60s are now being included in museums for a bit of extra care, there is still an abundance of space for new signs and new designs on business storefronts everywhere.

Mongolian GrillSign Types

While most people think of small “open” signs when neon is mentioned, neon signs encompass a larger realm in the modern advertising industry than one might think. During custom sign creation, professional designers have the chance to add neon touches to a wide range of different sign types, allowing you as a business owner to combine the best of both worlds when it comes to creating your sign.

Freestanding Signs

Freestanding signs come in a wide variety of forms, but they each typically serve as the primary source of identification for their associated businesses. Neon lights may be incorporated into these designs to create vibrant backlighting effects and draw more attention to the sign.

Building Signage

Building signs are mounted on the building itself and usually serve the purpose of both identifying your business and its overall dynamic. Incorporating neon into these signs lends brightness to your company’s overall image and allows the building to stand out.

Interior Signs

Interior signage is mounted on the inside of your business and lends a helping hand to the overall ambiance. This is the most common place to use neon additions, where they work to more thoroughly define your brand identity and values.

xperience2How Neon Benefits Businesses

Over the years, neon signs, much like other crucial business tools, have evolved and changed to embrace the needs of small business owners across the world. The current neon options available from professional sign-making companies tend to have a variety of benefits that make them highly practical for the modern small business. Some of the chief benefits of using neon in lit sign designs include:

  • Long-lasting lighting
  • Voltage variation
  • Low energy consumption

The average incandescent bulb only remains effective for approximately one year or around 1,000 hours of use. Neon tubing, on the other hand, is typically expected to last for well over a decade. Even then, when neon lights start to fail, it’s typically a sign of an issue with electrical wiring deterioration rather than the sign itself.

Neon signs’ luminosity is the result of electrical currents interacting with the gasses housed in the tubing. This detail of its operation allows designers to customize signs using neon more thoroughly than other types of light-up signage. For example, the wattage can be decreased to create a soft, ambient glow effect or increased to create a sharper, more direct glow. This even allows signs to have layers of lighting and a variety of different colors.
Because the glow isn’t created by the presence of electricity alone, the cost of running and maintaining neon signs over the years is significantly lower than those lit by LED or incandescent bulbs. This lower energy use is what makes neon a more financially feasible option over time.

Building 5Dependable Signage for Your Needs

Whether it’s a neon “open” sign, a clock, a glowing sign of your brand’s logo or a quote, you want your neon sign to really stand out and to have confidence that your investment will remain a good one over the years. When you choose to work with Berry Signs for your neon design and installation needs, you’ll get precisely that. At Berry, we focus on building products that are held to a higher standard so you can rest assured your message is coming across loud and clear at all times. We put in the work to make sure we get the sign right the first time, so you’re never left with repair charges or the frustration of a sub-par sign.

In fact, we’re so confident in our ability to give you a sign that lives up to your high standards that we offer a 5-year warranty on each sign we craft and install. That’s 5 times longer than other neon sign design companies in the Puget Sound offer. Rain or shine, we’ll come out to check or repair your neon sign to ensure you’re visible to your customers 24/7.

For more information on how neon business signs fit into your branding plans, contact Berry Signs. Our design professionals can answer any inquiries you may have and get you on the path to obtaining a sleek, professional-grade neon sign of your own in no time.

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