Your New Business

We get it – signage is only one of one hundred things on your list!

Opening a new business is hard and requires working with dozens of people to pull together all the elements. We want to make getting your signage right the easy part.

Your building signage is one of the most critical parts to your brand and marketing efforts. Once completed, your signage will represent your business for years to come and if done well, will provide the customer traffic and brand recognition you need to launch your new venture.

Our staff has many current and past business owners who understand how to support you for a successful launch.

We have the best signs in the Mill Creek Town Center!”~ Michael Jones, NWPC

Here Are A Few Tips To Get You Started:

  • Give us a call any time in your process – the earlier the better. It can take 8-12 weeks to complete some projects depending on the complexity
  • Establish a budget – click here for some “ballpark” pricing to get you started
  • Start looking at signs for what you like and don’t like – click here for idea starters
  • Work with our design team to zero in on exactly what you want
  • We will price your project and give you a timeline
  • Once we have your approval, we will get to work on the following:
    • Permits
    • Fabrication
    • Survey your site conditions
    • Plan the installation
    • Set a date
    • Install your new signage
  • Things you will need to be ready for:
    • Electrical within your building (let us know if you need help here)
    • Access to the installation area (let us know if anything changes)
    • Having a great sign installed!

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