Built To A Higher Standard


At Berry Signs, your signs are fabricated and installed to a higher industry standard. This enable us to offer a comprehensive 5 Year Parts and Labor warranty on your sign signage.

Why can we offer a full 5-year parts and labor warranty on all our signage?

Because we build to a higher standard.

We make all of our signs in-house using state of the art equipment. This gives us complete control over the quality and timeliness of every project. We use beautiful, durable materials that will look great and stand the test of time in any environment.

Since we build the signs ourselves, we know exactly how to install them for maximum effect. Our installation teams are crane certified, and Berry Signs as a whole is a Washington State General Contractor and Washington State Electrical Contractor. Our fleet of cranes, lifts, booms, and ladder trucks allow us to work almost anywhere.

Our service technicians are often called out to troubleshoot and repair sub-standard wiring, poor construction techniques and low quality materials. These signs, built on the cheap and quick, will eventually because you lost business and cost hundreds of dollars in service repairs.

We believe in building your sign right, the first time, ensuring your business in always “ON”.

In the Pacific Northwest, we have a unique challenge to signage – rain. Water is the enemy of a good working sign.  We take the necessary steps in our fabrication process to create a “moisture barrier” that ensures your sign will look great and stay lit for years to come.

Come visit our facility, meet our people, and see for yourself why we can offer the best quality. You will see that Berry signs are truly built to a Higher Standard.

See How Our Quality Compares To Our Competition.

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Built to a Higher Standard
Using high quality materials and the best fabrication techniques ensure your sign will light reliably and remain looking like new for many years. Our warranty reflects the confidence we have in our work. Below are examples of the difference between our work and other “low-cost” sign companies. Please come and visit our fabrication facility and see for yourself the Berry difference.

Each sign is inspected and a quality seal is signed by the lead fabricator.

Examples of some of the extra steps we take as part of our Higher Standard:

  • Sand and clean all painted surfaces
  • Seal all gaps in cabinets and raceways
  • Silicone all wire caps to seal from water and hold secure
  • Silicone and tape all wire ties to secure to sidewalls
  • Clean interior of sign to ensure no blockage of drain holes

Material we use as part of our Higher Standard:

  • “Pure-Color” digital print process to ensure color-match
  • High quality 3M vinyl with UV protection
  • LED lighting and power systems with the longest factory warranties

Built To A
Higher Standard
Since 1962

Our highly experienced team operating from a unique facility allows us to offer what no one else can.

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